Another little gift for you: Use My Coupon for Outdoor Voices

If you’re anything like me, you can attest to believing that one of the best gym motivators is a sweet new gym outfit. I am a huge fan of the company Outdoor Voices for my athletic wear.I absolutely love the high-quality sweat-proof compression material, as well as the body-flattering structure of their pieces. Nothing tops the confidence boost a booty lifting pair of leggings can give you.

Outdoor Voices has many pieces you can mix and match. Their website is organized into three categories, where each has recommended items for different forms of physical activity. They have a category for low-intensity training such as yoga. They have another category for items specific to hiking, walking and jogging. They also have a high-intensity athletic wear category.  And men, don’t worry, they have a section for you too!

A really awesome deal this company provides is the Kits. You can order a personalized matching set and save more money than you would if you would individually purchase each piece.

So get yourself a new killer workout outfit with my $20-off your purchase link: and work on those resolutions!


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