Here’s a little gift for you

I have been doing a lot of positive changes to my lifestyle since the beginning of this summer, especially with the foods I have been eating. For some while now, I have been wanting to create lifestyle posts on this platform. And now that I have it somewhat together, I think I have somewhat of a credibility. Before I dive into more dense posts about health and wellness, I want to share with you a sweet (pun intended) deal to kick it off.

One of the brands I have discovered during this health-kick process is RXBAR. They have the most delicious protein snack bars made from simple unprocessed, whole food ingredients. After buying myself a nice package of 12 bars, I saw that I can get whoever I refer RXBARs to $5 dollars off their order. So, In anticipation to the future lifestyle content I will be incorporating into this platform, here is $5 off RXBAR: click here for your special discount.Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.00.21 PM

I’ll catch ya on the flip side with other discoveries I have made on my wellness journey, and hopefully some more free goodies/special discounts.




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