Vera Bradley Campus Ambassador

Recently, I was contacted by Fluent and asked to apply for the Vera Bradley Campus Ambassador Internship.

When I opened up the email and read all that this program had to offer, I couldn’t help but think it was too good to be true –kinda like finding a $20 bill in each back pocket of an old pair of jeans you had to wear because all of the other ones were in your dirty laundry.

I read it over and over, clicked every linked, and researched the program, just to reassure myself that this was the actuality.  I just couldn’t believe that such a known brand was considering me as a possible candidate.

To some, this may not seem like such a big deal, but to me, this email made me realize all of the great things I’m headed towards in the future.

This is definitely an opportunity that will gear me into the direction of my goals. Whether I am accepted into this program or not, I will still be grateful for the recognition.

Serendipitous opportunities should always be taken as paths for growth and realization.

On my journey,

Ana Gabriela Teran

P.S. You can watch my video submission that was part of the application here. While you’re at it, show some of my other videos some love.

P.S.S. If you’d like to know more about this internship program, shoot me  a comment down below and I can provide you with some valuable links/info 😉

5 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Campus Ambassador

    1. Hey Holly! Yes, of course. This position entails representing Vera Bradley’s core values on campus. You engage in trunk shows and contests where you donate and distribute Vera Bradley items on campus.
      Here are the links:
      Here is the company that contacted me:


  1. Hi Ana!
    Do you know if they are recruiting for this position for future academic years? Or who would be the person to contact? Thanks!


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